History Calendar of events and successes


  1. On the 2nd of February 2004 we registered the foundation The Civil Affairs Institute (INSPRO).
  2. We organized the campaign “The European Car-Free Day” under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment. We encouraged 105 Polish cities to take part in this initiative. As a result, we placed third in Europe in terms of the number of cities engaged, after Spain (199 cities) and Austria (166 cities).


  1. We undertook the pilot project entitled “Citizens’ News Agency” dedicated to civic mobilization and participation.
  2. Along with the magazine “Obywatel”, we organized the 3rd Citizen Festival under the slogan “Economy for human”, in which senators Kazimierz Jaworski and Marian Zagórny participated. The festival included screening of films entitled “Corporation” and “Crank”.
  3. We held a celebration of the European Week of Sustainable Transport and the European Car-Free Day. Poland placed fourth in Europe (after Spain, Austria and the Netherlands) in terms of the number of cities taking part in the campaign.
  4. We supported the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first Solidarity movement. The event did not rely on any political party, state or union administration.


  1. We achieved the status of a public benefit organization.
  2. We began to raise the issue of unpaid housework. As a part of countrywide network of local female leaders, we organized two urban actions and the Diamond Brush award ceremony during which Szymon Majewski and Halina Sobańska were awarded.
  3. Along with the magazine “Obywatel” we organized the 4th Citizen Festival. Among others, Ryszard Bugaj (economist and politician) and Krzysztof Wyszkowski (opposition activist, journalist and former editorial secretary of the weekly “Tygodnik Solidarność”) took part in the event.


  1. We launched the Works Councils Support Centre. Within the Centre we prepared an amendment to act on works councils and organized trainings for members of works councils. In total, we trained more than 1500 people between (the years) 2007 and 2013.
  2. We prepared an expert report “Unpaid  housework  – how to treat it in order to efficiently build the basis for a caring society?”.
  3. We released three issues of the magazine “Aktywność obywatelska”. Topics covered in these issues included: “Develop Yourself”, “Left Alone” and “Do it in Your Place!”.
  4. We moved to another office, in short – we changed our command centre.


  1. Jointly with Zbigniew Romaszewski, the Deputy Marshal of the Senate, we conducted a debate in the Senate of Poland, which was devoted to works councils. Members of works councils from all over Poland were invited to take part in it.
  2. We got involved in the three-year international project “Added Value – Sustainable Energy in Transportation”.
  3. As a part of the initiative “City on the move“ we undertook the project “Make the city catch its breath – the project for the promotion and development of sustainable transport in 100 cities”. We published the guide “Good practices in municipal transport“ by Jacek Wesołowski. It served as the most popular Polish book on city and human friendly transportation.


  1. We launched the campaign “Natural genes” (today “GMO-free? I want to know“ that included the release of the world’s best selling book “The World According to Monsanto“, the expert report “GMO – what is it about?“ and CD with educational films: “The Ministry of Rice”, “Elements of Truth”, “Threats Hidden in Children’s Meals”.
  2. We joined the Team for Unpaid Housework formed by the MaMa Foundation. Its works ended with submitting recommendations on unpaid work of women to the government.
  3. Together with several Łódź non-governmental organizations, we launched the initiative “The Citizens of Łódź Decide” in order to make legislative initiatives more accessible for citizens.


  1. We launched a new edition of the campaign “Trucks on rails“ – which is now known to over a half of Poles. We collected 83 thousand petition signatures to call on the government to turn the slogan “Trucks on rails” into a clear objective and core principle of Polish transport policy. We travelled Poland three times – twice to hold an exhibition supporting the campaign and once to support activities of those who suffer from lorry traffic in the places where they live.
  2. We were engaged in creating a cycle of reportages on GMO entitled “Food with a foreign gene” in the programme UWAGA! TVN.
  3. We undertook the project “Academy of the Civil Affairs Institute – trainings, coaching, work practices” to train new community workers. We have been working with some of them until now.


  1. We launched the Key Centre – the initiative which is dedicated to social entrepreneurship and aimed at promoting the principle: to BE and to HAVE.
  2. As a part of the campaign “Home is work“ we carried out qualitative research – our co-workers interviewed people who work at home. On that basis we compiled the project “Housewives  about Themselves”.
  3. We were invited by the President Bronisław Komorowski to take part in a public consultation on the seed act.
  4. We organized the press conference with the participation of José Bové, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and member of the INSPRO Council.
  5. Our billboards “Trucks on rails” can be seen in several dozen Polish cities.


  1. We launched the new campaign “Citizens decide“. We urged political parties to share power and responsibility with citizens. 
  2. We submitted nearly 18 thousand petition signatures to the Ministry of Environment as regards GMO-free products labelling.
  3. We registered the company Grupa INSPRO sp. z o.o. aimed at gaining resources for our prosocial initiatives. We intended to enhance our financial independence.
  4. We conducted civic control activities with respect to shale gas exploration and extraction in Poland, as a part of the campaign “Citizens COntrol“.
  5. On our initiative, the Minister of Transport created the Intermodal Transport Council.


  1. We motivated citizens’ involvement and gathered nearly 220, 000 signatures for a petition aimed at deputies to ease the process of collecting 100, 000 signatures in respect to bills that affect citizens.
  2. Ilona Pietrzak joined the board of INSPRO.
  3. We launched the new initiative “Campaigners’ Hotbed“ aimed at supporting community workers who run citizens campaigns for the common good.
  4. Grupa INSPRO sp. z o.o. achieved its first huge success – we won a tender for the certification process of Gdynia cycling policy following the methodology of the Bicycle Policy Audit (BYPAD).
  5. We joined Twitter :)


  1. We celebrated the round anniversary – INSPRO have taken the part of Citizens for 10 years.
  2. We ran the campaign 1%, with the rapper Liroy, the leading figure who played a spin doctor – Dick Dobrowolski. We were awarded the Golden Clip, the most important award in the PR industry, for the campaign “Dick Dobrowolski – how to spin, how to win”.
  3. Thanks to INSPRO’s initiative, the Court of Justice of the European Union ordered Poland to monitor the places where GMOs are cultivated and make the information available to the public.
  4.  On the 16th of October we established the foundation “Campaigners’ Hotbed“.
  5. After 5 years of struggle we improved the legislative initiative of citizens in Łódź.


  1. We brought the slogan “Citizens decide” into the public debate. Curiosity: The Prime Minister Beata Szydło used the slogan in her election campaign without our consent.
  2. Being a part of the coalition in the organization “Stop TTIP” we gathered 40, 000, signatures for the bottom-up European Initiative of Citizens against trade deals of TTIP and CETA – 20% of signatures came from the INSPRO community.
  3. After 19 years of running our campaign “Trucks on rails” we were glad to see that the party which had won parliamentary elections included the implementation of this idea into its programme.
  4. We received accreditation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy as the Good Quality Social Economy Support Centre.
  5. We introduced the idea of the Polish Academy of Civil Service (PASP). Rzeczpospolita daily published additional 4-page article about PASP.
  6. We were among the five best teams that deal with communication matters in non-governmental organizations. As a result, we were nominated for PRotons 2015 which is considered the most prominent award in the PR sector.

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