Ideological manifesto

The Civil Affairs Institute (INSPRO) is a non-governmental organisation which is independent from any political parties. Since 2004 we have listened to the voice of the citizens and we transformed it into action. We are focused on systematic social changes. We dream of happy citizens in Poland, who consider themselves responsible for their family, home, street, town and the state. We dream of Poland which helps its citizens to look after a common good in an easier way and help them toand get involved in a public spacelife. We dream of Poland in which the authorities listen to citizens and together with them improve the quality of everyday life.

The Institute implements following values:

Civil Society

Self-governanceas a factual participation of citizens in decision making processes in any possible aspects of a general public life.

(Re)animation of a society. Saying no to an omnipotent state and being against liberal egoism we drive to re-establish the tissue of social, cultural and religious initiatives which will give us active citizens instead of passive consumers.

“Industrial democracy” We aim at increase of influence of citizens on the economy throughout: workers’ councils, employees’ share option plans and trade unions.

Solidary society. Against egoism and selective philanthropy we withstand the society ready for sacrifices in the name of a systematic assistance for weaker and excluded individuals and provide them with real possibilities to improve their fate.

Media and culture

Citizen media - it means those who that choose topics and the ways of presentation which meet the expectations of a general public, not the sponsors.

Free culture. We want intellectual property protection which will not restrain access to culture and achievement of a mankind.

Past and diversity for future. We reject fruitless conservatism and sentiments for “old good times”, but we do believe in wisdom gathered by previous generations. Each country has its own specifics - we say “yes” to cultural exchange, but “no” to blind imitation.

Quality of life and nature

Authentic, not apparent progress. We withstand the cult of economic indicators and the increase of consumption by undertaking action aimed to improve quality of life which is constituted of efficient public health, public education at good level, valued food products and clear air.

Protection of a wild naturewhich, nowadays, is being destroyed and neglected in the name of individuals profits and primitively understood progress.

State and law

Upright state - the state in which wealth differentiation is as minimal as possible (thanks to pro-social fiscal policy) and emerges as result in differences of talents and diligence, modest income will not create barriers to access education, legal advice or health care.

Fair law and its executionto serve the society – not the interests of the most powerful groups.


Three sectors economy. Market mechanisms and private property should be controlled by the state over the strategic sectors of the economy, efficient public property (nationwide and local) and the vivid co-operative sector. Privatisation is not always the best from the point of view of a society’s condition.

Economy for a man – not vice versa. Despite praises “global free market” we appeal for care for regional and local economic systems and we demand that the state will protect interest of its citizens, not multinational corporations and “foreign investors”.

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Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych przez Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich z siedzibą w Łodzi, przy ul. Pomorskiej 40, dla celów związanych z działaniami fundacji. Dane te są przetwarzane zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 roku o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz.U. z 2002 roku Nr 101 poz. 926 z późniejszymi zm.). Potwierdzam zapoznanie się z Polityką Prywatności.