Center for Support of Works Councils

  • Centrum wspierania rad pracowników

Center for Support of Works Councils (Centrum Wspierania Rad Pracowników, CWRP in short) was created in 2007. Our main goal is to create the appropriate conditions for easier creation and development of the works councils in Poland. For these councils, we offer schooling, counseling, consultation meetings, conferences, guidebooks, reports, bulletins and a Web service. Over 3700 people from 500 works councils have already used our services. We believe that the participation of employees in the management of a business can be beneficial for both them, as well as the employers. Such actions should have their basis rooted in honest dialogue between parties and a sense of ownership.

szkolenie rad pracowników

CWRP, based on the feedback concerning the needs and expectations of works councils, has prepared a draft amendment for the act regarding the providing of information for the employees and consulting with them, which was created on the 7th of April, 2006. This is an incredibly important initiative, which aims to support their activity. This project has been submitted for consultation with the works councils. 120 people from over 50 works councils have voiced their opinion on this topic.

rafal górski piotr ciompa

The experts heading the CWRP are Piotr Ciempa and Rafał Górski, who specialise in the issues of works councils. In the legal consultations we are helped by the members of Employment Law's Scientific Circle (Koło Naukowego Prawa Pracy), which operates at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Łódź.

Schoolings are a key tool that is used at the Center. They help to convey the knowledge, help build abilities and shape the stances of the members of works councils. Thanks to them we are strengthening the social capital within the companies. To this day, we have schooled 1519 people. The actions of the Center were reported in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Tygodnik Solidarność, website and Dialog – pismo dialogu społecznego, among others. Our activity directed towards the councils was co-financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within the Citizens' Initiative Fund.

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