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  • Obywatele decydują

"Citizens choose" ("Obywatele decydują") is the name of a nationwide social campaign, which aims to strengthen the tools of participatory democracy (citizen bills, referendum) and through that, to increase the activity of Polish citizens in the public life. The initiative, which started in 2012 and is still going, envisions the creation of detailed solutions that will help citizens to patricipate in the decision making that concerns their day-to-day life.

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The campaign's page - - contains information about the Civil Legislative Initiatives (Obywatelskie Inicjatywy Ustawodawcze) – a tool created for reporting custom bills. Unfortunately, the bill regulating this tool is constructed in a manner unfriendly towards citizens – very complicated formalities and no control over the work of politicians. We conduct actions aiming towards amending this bill.

We also organise debates and expert seminars, where politicians, scientists and social activists can acknowledge their views, but, more importantly, they can work out common systemic solutions that will give a part of the power and responsibility back to the people.
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Within this campaign we have released these publications:

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