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  • Miasto w ruchu


Within the scope of this initiative, we show how big of an impact the policies concerning transportation have on the quality of life. We call for action in the cases of on foot communication, laxing the car communication, defending the to-be-decommissioned tram lines, the development of the bike communication network, creating zones free of cars and buses, as well as fighting with the urban sprawl. We conduct audits of the BYPAD bike policy, during which the residents, as well as municipal decision makers, are planning actions for the development of bike communication together. In cooperation with the Transport & Environment network, we observe and try to influence the European transportation policy.


From 2004 to 2008, we have supported Polish cities in organising the "European Day Without a Car" ("Europejski Dzień Bez Samochodu") campaign. We helped popularise this initiative in Poland. From 2007 to 2010, we have executed, in partnership with twelve other institutions, an international project for promotion of a healthy city transportation "Added Value", which is financed by the European Commission. Furthermore, we have published a book called "City in motion. A guide through good practises in organisation of city transportation." ("Miasto w ruchu. Przewodnik po dobrych praktykach w organizowaniu transportu miejskiego.") by Jacek Wesołowski, an expert report "Transportation policy" ("Polityka transportowa") by Olaf Swolkien and a DVD with documentaries "Driven into a jam" ("Wpuszczeni w korek") and "City in Motion" ("Miasto w ruchu").

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