Energy revolution

  • Rewolucja energetyczna

"Rewolucja energetyczna. Ale po co?" ("Energy revolution. What for?") is a bestselling book by Marcin Popkiewicz, a member of the INSPRO programming council. The author proves that books about the energy system, resources and environment neither have to be difficult and boring nor aimed at a specific, narrow niche of experts. This is a book full of knowledge, one that helps to grasp the energy situation in Poland and the world at large, while remaining a fascinating, immersive and emotionally resonant reading. In the words of the author himself:

Ksiażka Rewolucja energetyczna

The new order that is being created, one, to which the titular "Energy revolution" leads, is a believable vision of not only the future of energy systems, but also the future of society, trade and environment. A bright vision. A vision of the world, of which we couldn’t ever dream of, but which might actually be within arm's reach. There are no technical, environmental, or even economical barriers for it – the only ones remaining reside in our heads.
This book is a roadmap. It is worth to inspect it closely, understand it and choose the direction in which we are all wisely going. And, above all, to act, like the future of the world depends on it. Because it does.

Environment and the citizens' health above all!

We are involved in international actions for balanced energy, we conduct active advocacy – by meeting with decision-makers, we publish reports and positions of GMOs that contain recommendations for employers, we comment on current affairs, decisions of European Commission and European Parliament, we write appeals advocating the change of harmful regulations and we cooperate with organisations from all around Europe in order to strengthen our potential. In order to present this controversial topic to a broader audience, we have organised a conference titled "Bioenergia – pułapki i potencjał. Odnawialne źródła energii, ale czy zrównoważone?" ("Bioenergy – traps and potential. Sources of energy – renewable, but are the balanced?"), which was also present in the media./ Renewable sources of energy - are they balanced?

We act, because the future of the world depends on it!

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