Free of GMO

  • Wolne od GMO ? Chcę Wiedzieć!

"Free of GMO? I want to know!" ("Wolne od GMO? Chcę wiedzieć!”) is the tagline of our nationwide social campaign and simultaneously an important question, the answer to which INSPRO is looking for since November of 2013. We have branched out from the "Natural genes" ("Naturalne geny") campaign and among its many achievements we can find, for example, a publication of "The World according to Monsanto" ("Świata według Monsanto”) – an intriguing book about the monopolistic practises of Monsanto concern, the worldwide giant in production of genetically modified seeds.

This campaign aims to introduce a "free of GMO" rating system, which would inform potential customers of the lack of genetically modified organisms in the food. Such system would also single out meat, eggs and dairy products which come from animals that were fed with fodder without GMO. Austrians, Germans, French and Slovenians already use such system. We think that such a regulation is an initiative worth pursuing.

kukurydza wolna od gmo

Learn more on the idea of "free of GMO" rating system in our expert report "Rating food free of GMO. A proposal for Poland." ("Znakowanie żywności wolnej od GMO. Propozycja dla Polski”).

We side with farmers and food producers, but most of all, with consumers. We demand the upholding of one of our most basic rights – the right of acquiring the most detailed information about a product. This is an issue of paramount importance when it comes to buying food. There are many factors – health related, outlook- or religion based – that makes us more cautious about what ends up on our plates. We should be informed whether a given product contains GMO or not.

As representatives of the citizens, we gather their votes, for example through the declaration of endorsement for the campaign.

Distressed by the scenario in which society is treated as a subject for experimentation, we are also defending Polish farming and food by actions aimed at opposing the signing of the transatlantic agreements with USA (in the form of TTIP -  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and Canada (CETA -  Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) by the EU. Flooding the market with food from these territories and of lower standards (factors like GMO, chickens washed in chlorine, beef with growth hormones and larger level of pesticide remains than in the products from EU) could potentially lead to the destruction of the traditional family farming and ecological farming. Because of that, we, among other things, provide advocacy and we, with other organisations, have gathered a collection of signatures under a call to Prime Minister Beata Szydło and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Krzysztof Jurgieł.

Chcę wiedzieć o TTIP