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"House is work" is an INSPRO initiative, which concentrates around changing your lifestyle through appreciating the details that usually go unnoticed and changing the law in such a way, so that people involved in domestic work could receive pension.

The topic of domestic work is present in the actions of INSPRO since 2006 – then, inspired by Anna Mieszczanek from "Take Care of the World" ("Zadbać o Świat") foundation and with an interdisciplinary team, a report called "Unpaid domestic work – how to treat it in order to effectively create the basis of a caring society?" ("Nieopłacana praca domowa – jak ją traktować, żeby skutecznie tworzyć podstawy opiekuńczego społeczeństwa?") was released. The board of experts consisted of: dr hab. Irena E. Kotowska, prof. dr hab. Marek Góra, prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Kowalik, dr Danuta Duch, dr hab. Magdalena Środa and Wojciech Eichelberger.

The next step was the execution of the project "Done, appreciated, worth a lot – the campaign for appreciation of women's work from home" (Zrobione, docenione, wiele warte – kampania na rzecz docenienia pracy domowej kobiet").

INSPRO took steps to inform and educate about the appreciation of domestic work. Our spots were emitted for free on First Program of Polish Radio and Superstation. On the side of the press (for example in Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza or Życie Warszawy) a number of articles was published, thanks to which the issue of domestic work and its worth reached millions of Polish citizens. Direct actions were also taken – two nationwide urban events and the ceremony of "Diamond Brush Award" (Nagroda Diamentowej Szczotki) was held, and the awards were presented to Szymon Majewski and Halina Sobańska.

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In 2009, the representative of the initiative – Karolina Goś-Wójcicka, took part in the first Woman's Congress (I Kongres Kobiet) as a panelist in the discussion concerning the issue of domestic work. During her appearance she demonstrated how much more domestic work Polish women have been charged with in the last 20 years.

An important event in the history of the initiative was the creation of the Team for Unpaid House Work by the MaMa Foundation (Fundacja MaMa), in which a representative of INSPRO – Karolina Goś-Wójcicka – took part. The work of the Team was concluded by handing over the recommendations concerning unpaid work of women to the government in Parliament.

The year 2011 saw the release of another project: "Done, Appreciated, Worth a Lot – project for elemination of the causes of societal and economical differences stemming from the underappreciation of unpaid house work". („Zrobione, Docenione, Wiele Warte – projekt na rzecz likwidowania przyczyn zróżnicowań społecznych i ekonomicznych wynikających z niedoceniania nieodpłatnej pracy domowej”).

The most important results coming from it are the qualitative research, that is interviews with "housewives" conducted by a team of co-workers and volunteers from a number of cities, as well as the report called "Women working at home about themselves" ("Kobiety pracujące w domu o sobie"), which is the summary of our work.

The next two years consisted mainly of work based on the materials and experiences earned earlier. We have participated in Manifa in Łódź in 2012 (presentation of the report and research concerning unpaid domestic work), we met with Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz in order to present our ideas and recommendations concerning the betterment of the situation of domestic workers.

In 2014 we released "The guide for women's groups. House is work" ("Poradnik dla grup kobiecych. Dom to praca"). First part of the publication showcases how the mainstream media present domestic work and people working in it. Second part, practical, talks about how to take action aiming for appreciation of domestic work.

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