• Stop CETA Stop TTIP Stop TiSA

Stop CETA, Stop TTIP, Stop TiSA

Campaign, which aimes at stopping the trade agreements between EU and USA, as well as between EU and Canada – TTIP and CETA – is lead by us since this issue began – a number of politicians were informed about this problem by us.


Stop CETA Stop TTIP Stop TiSA

Both agreements have many features in common. The most important of them are: granting bigger priveleges and laws to corporations rather than to the countries, such as new laws for profit protection before the arbitral tribunals and the ability to influence the regulations being laid down thanks to the mechanism of regulatory cooperation. This poses a serious threat for democracy and the rule of law, lowering the standards protecting social and economic laws, health and environment and, for investors, creating new possibilites for participation in providing social utility services and carrying out public procurement.

One of the biggest threats for the citizen's health is the influx of cheap but low quality food from overseas that contains GMO, harmful chemical elements (like chlorine used for washing chickens, growth hormones for cow husbandries and many pesticides forbidden in the EU) – all of this could lead to the ruination of the Polish agriculture, as well as threaten the health security of consumers. This is why we do everything in our power to advocate to the Polish government to reject these agreements.

Within the campaign we are gathering signatures under an appeal towards the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture - 200 thousand people signed it to this day. We have launched CETA Check – a simple tool to ask European Parliament Members (EMP) questions, we have joined the European Citizens' Initiative – in Poland we have managed to get the required 40 thousand signatures against both agreements, we are taking part in conferences, we meet with decision-makers, agricultural communities, producers and consuments, we talk with Members of the Parliament, we organise debates and press conferences, we talk to the media, discuss with our opponents in radio broadcasts, we give interviews, finally we demonstrate our objection in order to make the topic as widespread and relevant as possible.

Thanks to the protests of millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic, the negotiations between EU and USA have ceased. Unfortunately CETA, the "mean sister" of the TTIP, thanks to which transnational corporations will enter Europe uncontested, was ratified by the European Parliament on February 15th 2017.

To reject CETA in Poland, a vote will have to be put forward to the national Parliament. According to the Parliament Resolution from the autumn of last year, the supporters of this agreement, in order to pass it, will have to gather 2/3 of the votes. That is why we are not giving up. It is only a battle that was lost, not the war.

Do you want to join us? Sign the appeal in defense of the Polish agriculture and food!

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