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The KEY Center

The KEY Center (Centrum KLUCZ) is an INSPRO initiative, which, since 2011, supports the leaders in receiving funds from four sources – from individual, institutional and business donors, as well as from business activities.

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In 2015, by the resolution of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, we have received the status of accredited High Quality Social Economy Support Center.


In today's world we, as a society, are more and more longing for a community, in which no one is anonymous, a group, which supports, looks after relationships between neighbours and acts for the common good.

Leaders, who are certain of their competencies, engaged and open are a proven way for the activation of local communities, of strengthening a sense of belonging in them, of influence and of creating stable workplaces. Resiliently working subjects of social economy are, on the one hand, supporting the movements from bottom up, and, on the other hand, they are based on them. As a result of this, a system of experience and competencies is created, one that propels the turbines of balanced development based on the local community.

Sometimes, in order to take the first step, outsiders are needed, people, who can see a given situation from an aerial view. Their knowledge and experience can help discover unique resources as well as potential of a given community/entity and support the animation of changes. The KEY Center exists to help magnify the cooperation, trust... and earnings.

What does the KEY Center do on a daily basis?

  • Help in executing ideas concerning social business or social activity.
  • Help in creating and leading an entity of social economy (for example foundation, association) or a social enterprise in a legal, financial and, above all, business sense.
  • Sharing of proven know-how, from experienced advisors and trainers, who are experts in their respective fields, to appropriate tools and practical help.
  • Creating workplaces in new and existing social enterprises, as well as providing non-refundable grants and financial support in the first months of activity.
  • Organising debates, releasing practical guides and reports.

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We cooperate with a diverse array of environments – with businesses, civil organisations, state and self-government administration, individuals. We are proud and thankful that we could discover different work cultures and points of view – thanks to that we learn both ourselves, as well as the world, for the good of which we work.

We are from Łódź and act mostly within the Łódź Province, however we will accept Your invitation to help you spread Your wings in every corner of Poland ;)


To learn more, go to: www.centrumklucz.pl

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.pl/byc.i.miec

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