Our successes

The KEY Centre

  • We have over 800 satisfied customers :), including civil society organizations, social economy entities, public administration and individuals.
  • We created 31 new jobs in social economy entities.
  • We gained accreditation as the Good Quality Social Economy Support Centre.
  • We built a team which contributes by sharing know-how, specific tools and practical help.
Szkolenia Centrum KLUCZ
Szkolenie Centrum KLUCZ

House work

  • We issued two experts reports:Houseworking Women about Themselves”, INSPRO 2011; “Unpaid housework – how to treat it in order to efficiently build the basis for a caring society?”, INSPRO 2006.
  • Karolina Goś-Wójcicka (the initiative expert) took part in the Women’s Congress as a panelist in the discussion on unpaid homework.
  • We met with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy and made recommendations for change of the situation of houseworking.
  • We released a handbook for women groups “House work“.
Raport Dom to praca
Raport „Dom to praca”

GMO-free? I want to know!

  • Thanks to our initiative, the Court of Justice of the European Union ordered Poland to monitor the places where GMOs are cultivated and make the information available to the public.
  • We published a Polish edition of the book The World According to Monsanto – one of the most important publications describing what GMO really is, its economic and institutional connections and the role of Monsanto corporation as a market monopolist in that field.
  • We mobilize consumers!: we gathered nearly 20,000 signatures for the declaration of support of “GMO-free” labels, and nearly 15,000 signatures (along with partner organizations) to call on the Prime Minister of Poland to protect Polish agriculture and Polish food from TTIP and CETA agreements.
  • Thanks to our activities, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development initiated the legislative process to introduce “GMO-free” labelling in Poland.
Debata w Rzeczpospolitej
Debata w dzienniku “Rzeczpospolita”

Trucks on rails

  • Thanks to our initiative the Minister of Transport created the Intermodal Transport Council.
  • In 2011 the Inquiry Market Research carried out an opinion poll. Even then 87% of respondents supported the idea “Truck on rails” (51% – ‘definitely yes’, 36% – ‘seems necessary’).
  • Together with T&E we convinced the EU to introduce new, safer truck cabins.
  • Our campaign billboards could be seen in several dozen Polish cities.
Tiry na tory - demonstracja
Trucks on rails – demonstration

Citizens COntrol

  • We organized 3 debates entitled “Water or gas – society economy environment“ viewed online by over 10,000 people.
  • We published the book “Citizens Control – a handbook for fighting communities”.
  • We supported the community of Żurawlow fighting against the Chevron Corporation. A 400-day protest ended with success – the American giant gave way and left Poland.
  • We published the summary report on the project “Shale gas – monitoring, civic mobilization and participation”: “Shale gas – a challenge for democracy”, the summary report on the project “Citizens control – good energy guards” entitled “Water or gas?” and “The Citizens’ Book of Water Management” with recommendations for legislative authorities on effective protection of water resources in Poland.
Obywatele Kontrolują
Obywatele Kontrolują – marsz

Campaigners Hotbed

  • The Civic Initiatives Fund appreciated our concept of “Campaigners Hotbed 2015” and subsidized the nearly one-year project so that we can act very effectively.
  • During a one-week course we trained 13 people from all over Poland. We showed them how to run a campaign effectively, and equipped them with knowledge, tools, network of contacts, and professional coaching so that they can perform their activities just like professionals.
  • We published the textbook “Campaigners Hotbed“ that includes interviews with activists from Poland and all over the world. It is a source of knowledge and experience, and serves as an inspiration for all those who want to change the world.
Kuźnia kampanierów II
Kuźnia Kampanierów II edycja, zdjęcie: Piotr Skubisz


  1. We organized the campaign “The European Car-Free Day” ⛔ under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment. We encouraged 105 Polish cities to take part in this initiative. As a result, we placed third position in Europe in terms of the number of cities engaged, after Spain (199 cities) and Austria (166 cities).
  2. We launched the Works Councils Support Centre.Within the Centre we prepared an amendment to Act on works councils and organized trainings for members of works councils. In total, we trained more than 1500 people.
  3. Thanks to INSPRO’s intervention, the Court of Justice of the European Union ordered Poland to monitor the places where GMOs are cultivated and make the information available to the public.
  4. We were awarded the Golden Clip 🏆 – the most important award in the PR industry, for the campaign 1% “Dick Dobrowolski – how to spin, how to win”.
  5. We established the first Polish school for campaigners – the Campaigners’ Hotbed.
  6. Thanks to our initiative, the Minister of Transport created the Intermodal Transport Council.
  7. After 5 years of struggle we improved the legislative initiative of citizens in Łódź 🎉.
  8. We received accreditation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy as the Good Quality Social Economy Support Centre.
  9. We published the book How to win campaigns – a practical guide for planning and running successful campaigns that result in social change.

Works Councils Support Centre

  • We prepared draft amendment to the act/Act on works councils*
  • 3700 members of works councils benefited from different types of support from us.
  • We held two expert conferences in the Senate of Poland, with the participation of scientists, politicians, employers and employees.
  • We issued two expert reports and four newsletters for works councils – Peryskop

    *Act on informing and consulting employees of 7th April 2006

    Spotkanie konsultacyjnego dla rad pracowników
    Spotkanie konsultacyjne dla rad pracowników, zdjęcie: Piotr Skubisz


Citizens decide

  • We prepared the amendment to the Act on legislative initiative of citizens.
  • We gathered more than 224, 000 signatures for a petition to deputies to ease the process of collecting 100, 000 signatures in respect of bills that affect citizens.
  • We had over 1.7 million views of our spot in YouTube.
  • We improved the legislative initiative of citizens in Łódź. It took us 5 years to do it, but thanks to our determination and persistence we achieved success :)
debata Referenda dla obywateli cz.2
Debata Referenda dla obywateli, zdjęcie: Piotr Skubisz

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